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Ink Cartridge and Toner Cartridge Recycling Disposal

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Benefits of our Service:

  • No need to separate into type or what we will accept or not accept as we take it all
  • We take cartridges, toner bottles, ink jet cartridges, fusers, and all forms of printer waste
  • Collections next business day from request
  • Full recycling service with zero landfill
  • Certificate of destruction issued after recycling.

Simple to use service:

  • Request quote, supply total number of items, click place order, pay online, box up into boxes of up to 15 items and follow the instructions on the email we will send you.

This is not a reuse service it is a recycling by destruction service and therefore carries a charge for providing the service. All costs are detailed on your online quote.

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We accept all toner cartridges regardless of age, type original or re-manufactured and recycle all the parts.

Unable to find a company to dispose of your empty laser toner cartridges we can help.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer you any money as the processes are relatively expensive but for a small fee we are able to take all the cartridges and drum units from laser printers/photocopiers and ensure that they do not end up in land fill but are re-used in one form or another.

If you have large volumes of cartridges or a regular requirement for collection we can offer you very competitive pricing in comparison to the prices you will pay for landfill.

So for a fully licensed recycling of your laser printer or photocopier waste give us a call or use our online web form to request your quote and solve the problem of how to get rid of your now empty and unwanted cartridges.

To request a collection via our simple online collection service once you have put the loose toner cartridges and bottles into a black sack and then inside a suitable cardboard box click the printer waste button below.

get-a-quoteWhy should I recycle my empty cartridges & inkjets?

Every industry creates its' own waste and the computer industry is no exception.

Throughout the world millions of tonnes of hard, non-biodegradable plastic and loose toner powder are deposited in landfill sites from toner cartridges and inkjets which ought to be recycled.

The environmental implications above are obvious but the material resource waste should also be considered.

Finance Directors and those responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility within companies should seriously consider what happens to their business waste and the potential problems not disposing of toner cartridges correctly can have on the environment.

Every member of personnel - your IT Department, Secretaries and Stationery Buyers - should be made aware that each cartridge they throw away or each desk jet they drop into the bin could represent  further damage the environment unnecessarily.

In Northern Europe they take these matters extremely seriously and now Britain must address this issue also, so why not take this opportunity to review your waste disposal procedures.
If you have a specific requirement please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Collection Procedures

Collection procedures and conditions once we have received payment or agreed to invoice are as follows:

  1. To protect the cartridges it is important that just the cartridges  are returned by bulk-packing into a bag and then put into a sealed box. The box or boxes weighing max of 25 kgs each, must be clearly marked or labelled with the senders company name and the label provided attached.
  2. Please ensure that you have completed the waste transfer note we will send you after you have placed your order, as well as signing it ensure that it is placed within the box.
  3. When you are ready for collection please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of address for collection and total number of boxes along with contact details in case of problems. We will then arrange for the couriers to collect your boxes for return to our recycling plant.

Please note that the Printer waste service carries a minimum charge of £19.50 + vat for all collections and your quote will reflect this charge if applicable.

We will have based the quote on the information and quantities that you have declared in your email or fax, if you subsequently send differing amounts we reserve the right to invoice you for the extra items if appropriate.

All collections must be pre paid for the 1st collection. Subsequent collections can be invoiced on 30 day terms once received and counted at the recycling plant subject to completion and approval of credit application form.

Please use our online quote service or contact us via email or telephone with your requirements.
get-a-quoteOur Service Includes

(Failure to comply with the Hazardous Waste Laws could leave you liable for a fine in excess of £5,000 not just to the company but the directors as well. This includes incorrectly disposing of monitors and TV's)   


We cover all the UK and have vehicles from Luton's to Artics with moffetts. we can also offer reductions for monthly collections if sufficient volumes are involved, just ask, we will be happy to provide a quote for regular collections.



 How do I access the service
Once you have completed the quote form with your contact details and details in the large items box of the number and type along with the size if commercial we will then send you via email a quotation for collection and correct recycling of the equipment by the appropriate size of lorry for amounts you have stated as needing to be collected for recycling. Our costs will include the collection, full duty of care/hazardous waste collection paperwork and transport to the nearest refrigeration recycling plant to your location( keeps costs low). Once the equipment has been received at the recycling plant it will be degassed prior to being recycled. Once we have received notification from the recycling plant which is normally within the month of your collection we will then issue and send you via email a certificate of destruction for the equipment we collected from you. You can of course always contact us via the phone if you have any questions you would like us to answer and if we need anymore information then we will either email or telephone you for clarification.

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