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    Telecoms Equipment

     We are Solution Providers specialising in recycling and reuse of Telecom Equipment from Telephone Hand Sets to full Exchanges as well as all Cisco Equipment.  

    Do you have any old telephone exchange units both analogue and digital that you are looking to recycle or send for reuse.

    Would you like to earn money for your old phone systems or Cisco equipment when you are having it replaced?

     As long as it was working when it was disconnected we should be able to offer you money for it and in some cases this could be enough to purchase some more handsets or other IT equipment.

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    Example of deals done recently:

    We recently stopped someone crushing 255 handsets and gave them over £3k + VAT instead – they now regularly look out for telephony equipment for us.  Even smaller systems can return large amounts.  Furthermore, we recently paid over £30,000 for a set of Cisco routers and switches.  Without our intervention the latter would have ended up in landfill.


    If you have large amounts of handsets and the telephone exchange unit to go with them or just the digital network type hand sets then we would be interested in discussing our best offer to purchase the working handsets or exchange unit. We are also interested in working Cisco equipment especially voip or network switches and routers as again we have markets for these items.


    We have built up a large portfolio of clients from around the world who are interested in purchasing telephone hand sets, telephone exchanges and working Cisco networking or telephone equipment for reuse in countries still at the start of improving their IT and Telecom infrastructure to bring them up to the same standards and benefits we enjoy in the UK.


    If your equipment is not working we can still arrange for the collection and either refurbishment if appropriate or environmentally sound recycling here in the UK via our network of recycling plants who will put the equipment through their WEEE recycling plants and then recover the precious metals for further refining and reclamation and ultimately reuse in new products as raw materials once again.

    If you would like a price for either purchase of your equipment or for recycling of non working equipment please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of the units you have including model numbers and also the amount of each type and your full address and contact number so that we can obtain the best price from our buyers around the world and give you a nice surprise with how much we are able to give you for your obsolete equipment.


    Don't forget 1 email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is all it takes to brighten up your day.  


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