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    Electronic / Electrical Equipment recycling via total Recycling








    Electronics collection and recycling for all businesses

    Why run the risk of your collection not being legal?

    Why have the hassle of hoping your collection happens when you need it?

    Remove the problems of dealing with your electronics disposal by contacting Recycling4you Ltd and letting us take the strain for you.

    We can arrange collection of small amounts of electronics or electrical equipment or arrange for larger volumes. We have options for onsite storage not only at your offices or warehouse but also direct from your project site. Why bring the waste back to your site when it can be collected when you need it direct from the project site. We can provide a one stop solution for you so all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call or drop us an email and we will handle it all from there ensuring that you get all the appropriate paperwork and that the equipment is securely and correctly recycled in full accordance with the UK and EU WEEE directive and Environmental laws.

    Why Total Recycling
    We have been told that  some businesses and organisations when it comes to  recycling are still worried about the sensitive information contained on the equipment or that they feel happier knowing that the equipment has been physically destroyed, this also ensures that their corporate identity and technology is also destroyed along with the equipment. We are able through our network of WEEE recycling plants provide companies with access to Electronic and Electrical recycling with total destruction and re-use of the raw materials from a weee recycling plant near to your premises.

    What does this mean to you?

    Peace of MIND!!

    We will ensure that your equipment is collected and transported via licensed waste carriers to your nearest fully WEEE compliant electrical / electronic recycling plant. Upon arrival the equipment will be unloaded and placed directly onto the conveyor belt feeding the Electrical / Electronic Recycling machine. The equipment will then be physically shredded and grinded up in to small pieces which will be sorted into different streams of metals, plastics, circuit boards. These raw materials are then collected and sent to specialist refiners or processing plants to be re-use in making new products.

    Once your equipment has been shredded we will issue a certificate of destruction proving that the equipment collected from your site has been physically destroyed.

    get-a-quote If you have a specific requirement please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

    Looking for onsite storage? why not use one of our Wheelie bins














     We can arrange Fast Legal Recycling collections for Businesses and Public Organisations either direct from the disposal site or from your own warehouse.



    • Our service is currently being used by major UK companies and has been for many years due to our consistent high levels of satisfaction.


    We offer a low cost recycling disposal service for all old refrigeration equipment from Chiller Cabinets to fridges. We are able to collect from anywhere in the UK and send the equipment to one of our local fridge recycling plants where the equipment is put directly into a shredding machine with the refrigeration devices being degassed prior to being reduced to 20mm pieces. These pieces are then automatically separated into the various metal, plastic, copper, circuit board streams for individual collection and transportation to specialist recovery plants for further recycling and reuse as raw materials. All work fully complies with the WEEE directive and UK laws.

    Our Service Includes
    (Failure to comply with the Hazardous Waste Laws could leave you liable for a fine in excess of £5,000 not just to the company but the directors as well. This includes incorrectly disposing of monitors and TV's)   
    We cover all the UK and have vehicles from Luton's to Artics with moffetts. we can also offer reductions for monthly collections if sufficient volumes are involved, just ask, we will be happy to provide a quote for regular collections.


     How do I access the service
    Once you have completed the quote form with your contact details and details in the large items box of the number and type along with the size if commercial we will then send you via email a quotation for collection and correct recycling of the equipment by the appropriate size of lorry for amounts you have stated as needing to be collected for recycling. Our costs will include the collection, full duty of care/hazardous waste collection paperwork and transport to the nearest refrigeration recycling plant to your location( keeps costs low). Once the equipment has been received at the recycling plant it will be degassed prior to being recycled. Once we have received notification from the recycling plant which is normally within the month of your collection we will then issue and send you via email a certificate of destruction for the equipment we collected from you. You can of course always contact us via the phone if you have any questions you would like us to answer and if we need anymore information then we will either email or telephone you for clarification.

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