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    CRT/TV Recycling

    Computer monitors, TV's or CCTV Monitors, large or small amounts we collect them all.
    See below for more information on our Monitor or TV recycling service

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    Computer monitors TV's CCTV monitors and all cathode ray tube appliances are now regarded as Hazardous waste when they are being disposed off and can not be put into a skip or landfill.

    We are able to offer you a local service for legal collection and recycling of all your monitors including the newer flat screen, lcd or plasma screens that are either non working, damaged or no longer required.

    Why Recycling
    CRT ( Cathode ray tube) monitors are now listed as hazardous and require specialist equipment to recycle the various components correctly and safely.

    Why are they Hazardous to health?
    Most monitors are made up of a front clear glass which is the screen area that you normally see which is not hazardous and the rear part of the monitor which is normally encased in a plastic or other material casing.

    It is this rear part of the monitor which is the hazardous part with the glass funnel section containing up to 20% lead and it is also coated inside with a phosphorous coating which requires separate removal during the recycling process to prevent environmental contamination.

    See image below for detail break down of a crt.













    What do we do for you?

    • we offer Peace of MIND!!
    • Access to local CRT recycling regardless of location in the UK
    • Collection service for any amount of CRTs
    • Full audit trail
    • Certificate of Destruction
    • High quality friendly service backup by legal compliance with all uk laws
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    We will ensure that your monitors are collected and transported via licensed waste carriers to your nearest fully WEEE compliant monitor recycling plant. Upon arrival the equipment will be unloaded and placed  onto the conveyor belt feeding the monitor recycling machine. The monitors will then be split into clear non hazardous front glass and the rear funnel. The clean front glass is sent back into the glass industry whilst the rear funnel has its phosphorous coating removed and is then sent either as a complete rear funnel or as shredded glass direct to specialist plants for recovery of the lead and glass or to Iron works for use as smelter.

    Once your equipment has been recycled we will issue a certificate of destruction proving that the equipment collected from your site has been physically destroyed.


    If you have a specific requirement please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.
    (Failure to comply with the Hazardous Waste Laws could leave you liable for a fine in excess of £5,000 not just to the company but the directors as well. This includes incorrectly disposing of monitors and TV's)   


     How do I access the service
    Once you have completed the quote form with your contact details and details in the large items box of the number and type along with the size if commercial we will then send you via email a quotation for collection and correct recycling of the equipment by the appropriate size of lorry for amounts you have stated as needing to be collected for recycling. Our costs will include the collection, full duty of care/hazardous waste collection paperwork and transport to the nearest refrigeration recycling plant to your location( keeps costs low). Once the equipment has been received at the recycling plant it will be degassed prior to being recycled. Once we have received notification from the recycling plant which is normally within the month of your collection we will then issue and send you via email a certificate of destruction for the equipment we collected from you. You can of course always contact us via the phone if you have any questions you would like us to answer and if we need anymore information then we will either email or telephone you for clarification.

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